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Ein Fritz Lang Film Der Nero

Ein Fritz Lang Film Der Nero

Published on 20 sep. 2011

The biggest secrets are kept hidden in plain sight. Columbus, Luther and Loyola all have something in common. As do Edward VII, Teddy Roosevelt and Hitler. They all worship Satan and the Kabbalist Doctrine.


Official portraits all feature triad claw hand sign.

Are all these prominent people spanning five centuries Crypto Jews? If true, it casts history in a new light. The iLLUMiNATi – FDR, Hitler, Stalin & Churchill – are essentially crypto Jews. So are Hillary & Trump. History could be re-written based on an analysis of the role played by these personages.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it

Updated from Oct 312015: Below is a list of political and cultural leaders over more than 500 years whose official portraits show them making a Triad Hand Sign (, joining their third and fourth fingers. This is also known as “Triad Claw

Apparently, this is a Marrano gesture which signals the letters M & W, symbolizing 666 from the three V’s. The letter V is “waw” in Hebrew and “vav” in Gematria and is the 6th letter in both.

What are the chances that people living centuries apart would make the same Masonic hand sign? The Triad Sign is how Satanists recognize each other and signal fealty to Lucifer.
Although this conspiracy originated in the Jewish Cabala, it may have spread to much of the Gentile leadership, including royalty, authors, scientists and religious leaders. Unless many of them are crypto Jews, as David Livingstone believes.

Man’s tragic history and present dysfunction are due to the fact that humanity is satanically possessed. One could write an accurate history of EUrope simply by studying these personages and their role. Most fit the pattern of a long term Cabalist conspiracy to degrade and enslave humanity.

“The one who cannot see that on Earth a big endeavor is taking place, an important plan, on which realization we are allowed to collaborate as faithful servants, certainly has to be blind”
Winston Churchill

Hand Signs of Freemasonry Explained
Henry Makow – Spock’s Vulcan Sign is Invocation of Satan
Henry Makow – Marranos: The Original Crypto Jews–_the_original_crypt.html
Thanks to Jim for alerting me to this portrait gallery which has since been removed from the Internet. Luckily he saved it. I provide a sample.

Latest! David Livingstone ( believes most iLLUMiNATi bloodlines, including European royalty, are heretical Jews, crypto Jews and wannabe Jews (“Crypto-Jews” are Jews who pretend they are Christians, Muslims or other religions or ethnic backgrounds. John Kerry or Madeline Albright are examples).

In his book, Terrorism & the iLLUMiNATi, Livingstone traces the genealogies of these Khazar bloodlines, which include the Rothschilds, the Hapsburgs, the Sinclairs, the Stuarts, the Merovingians, the Lusignans, and the Windsors.
“The great secret of history is this story of the ascent of Cabalists to world power says Livingstone. “Ordinary Jews and people, in general, have no idea how they are being manipulated.”
“These Cabalists believe Lucifer is the true God. They care nothing for their own nations. Their whole aim in life is to humiliate and degrade mankind, and prove to God that the human experiment is a failure. They are gradually achieving this goal through their covert control of the economy, education, media and government
In support, David sent this mind blowing link from the Internet Wayback machine.
YouTube on Triad Claw West Side Gang.

Diran Lyons – West Side Gang (Project 126/12)

Published on 12 jun. 2011

West Side Gang (Project 12, 6/12)

Remix Category: Music Video | Slideshow | Supercut

Directed and Edited by Diran Lyons:
Co-written by Diran Lyons and Stephen Mears

West Side Gang (Project 126/12) is a remix triptych that tracks the appearance of an esoteric hand gesture over the past 1700 years, first within the history of art, then within the films of Walt Disney, and currently in Hollywood film and personalities associated with southern CA.


Evidence of Conspiracy

Christopher Columbus 1450-1506 (foto The Tap)

Christopher Columbus, 1450 – 1506, Most definitely a Marrano Crypto Jew

Alfonso V of Aragon 1396-1458

Alfonso V of Aragon, 1396 – 1458, Renaissance King of Aragon, Valencia, Majorca, Sardinia, Corsica & Sicily

Marsilio Ficino 1433-1499

Marsilio Ficino, 1433 – 1499, Had an enormous influence on the Renaissance, worked for de’ Medici’s

Lorenzo de' Medici 1449-1492

Lorenzo de’ Medici, 1449 – 1492, Fostered the early Italian Renaissance, one of the wealthiest men in Europe

Giovanni Pico della Mirandola 1463-1494

Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, 1463 – 1494, Renaissance philosopher, related to Sforza, Gonzaga and Este dynasties

Giles of Viterbo 1469-1532

Aegidius Antonini of Viterbo, 1469 – 1532, Augustinian cardinal, of the Tribe of Levi. Studied the mysteries of the Kabbalah

Alfonso I d'Este 1476-1534

Alfonso I d’Este, 1476 – 1534, Duke of Ferrara, of the House of Este during the Italian Wars

Lucrezia Borgia 1480 - 1519

Lucrezia Borgia, 1480 – 1519, Daughter of Pope Alexander VI, wife of Giovanni Sforza & Alfonso d’Este

Martin Luther 1483-1546 (foto The Tap)

Martin Luther, 1483 – 1546, Initiated the Protestant Reformation, founded Lutheranism

Edward Montagu 1485-1557

Edward Montagu, 1485 – 1557, Ancestor of the Dukes of Montagu & Manchester and the Earls of Sandwich

Catherine of Aragon 1485-1536

Catherine of Aragon, 1485 – 15361st wife of King Henry VIII of England, sparked England’s break from Rome

Archibald Douglas 1489-1557

Archibald Douglas, 1489 –  1557, Scottish Earl of Angus, ally of Henry VIII, consolidated the Douglas families power

Vittoria Colonna 1490-1547

Vittoria Colonna, 1490 – 1547, Italian Protestant, daughter of Fabrizio Colonna of the powerful Colonna family

Ignatius of Loyola 1491-1556 (foto The Tap)

Ignatius of Loyola, 1491 – 1556, Founded the Society of Jesus, religious leader during the Counter-Reformation

Clarice de' Medici 1493-1528

Clarice de’ Medici, 1493 – 1528, Granddaughter of Lorenzo de’ Medici. Educated Catherine, the future Queen of France

Francis I 1494-1547

Francis I1494 – 1547, France’s first Renaissance monarch. Gave rise to the Protestant Reformation

Eleanor of Austria 1498-1558

Eleanor of Austria, 1498 – 1558, Habsburg Infanta of Castile, wife of Manuel I of Portugal & Francis I of France

Claude de France

Claude of France, 1499 – 1524, Duchess of Brittany, 1st wife of Francis I of France & mother of Henry II of France

Charles V 1500-1558

Charles V1500 – 1558, Habsburg Holy Roman Emperor & King of Spain, oversaw Americas colonization

Ferdinand I 1503-1564

Ferdinand I1503 – 1564, Holy Roman Emperor, Habsburg, supported the Society of Jesus

Isabella of Portugal 1503-1539

Isabella of Portugal, 1503 – 1539, Holy Roman Empress, wife of Charles V, daughter of Manuel I of Portugal

Francis Xavier 1506 – 1552

Francis Xavier, 1506 – 1552, Co founder of the Society of Jesus, pioneering Roman Catholic missionary

Gemma Frisius 1508-1555

Gemma Frisius, 1508 – 1555, Dutch cartographer and philosopher, taught occultist John Dee at the University of Leuven

William Grey 1509-1562

William Grey, 1509 – 1562, Baron Grey de Wilton, military commander serving in France under the Earl of Bedford

Francis Borgia 1510-1572

Francis Borgia, 1510 – 15724th Duke of Gandia, third Superior General of the Society of Jesus

James V of Scotland 1512-1542

James V of Scotland, 1512 – 1542, King of Scotland, raised by Archibald Douglas Earl of Angus, ally of Francis I

Catherine Parr 1512-1548
Catherine Parr, 1512 – 1548, Protestant, Henry VIII’s sixth wife. Restored Elizabeth to line of succession

Giulia Gonzaga 1513-1566

Giulia Gonzaga, 1513 – 1566, Italian oligarch of the Renaissance, wife of Vespasiano Colonna Duke of Traetto

Philip Neri 1515-1595

Philip Neri, 1515 – 1595,  Italian priest, worked for the de’ Medici family and supported Henry of Navarre

Nicholas Throckmorton 1515-1571

Nicholas Throckmorton, 1515 – 1571,  Royal diplomat, worked for Elizabeth I, supported Reformation

James Hamilton 1516-1575

James Hamilton, 1516 – 1575, Earl of Arran, great grandson of James II of Scotland. Supported Reformation

Catherine de' Medici 1519-1589

Catherine de’ Medici, 1519 – 1589, Queen consort of France as wife of King Henry II of France

Cosimo I de' Medici 1519-1574

Cosimo I de’ Medici, 1519 – 1574, Duke of Florence, Grand Duke of Tuscany. Restored power in Florence

William Cecil 1521-1598 (foto The Tap)

William Cecil, 1521 – 1598, Baron Burghley, chief advisor of Queen Elizabeth I, founder of the Cecil dynasty

Christina of Denmark 1521-1590

Christina of Denmark, 1521 – 1590,  Queen of Denmark, Norway & Sweden, wife of Francesco II Sforza, Duke of Milan

Eleanor of Toledo 1522-1562

Eleanor of Toledo, 1522 – 1562, Daughter of Duke of Alba, wife of Cosimo de’ Medici, mother of Dukes of Tuscany

James Douglas 1525-1581

James Douglas, 1525 – 15814th Earl of Morton and regent of Scotland, supported the Reformation

Philip II 1527-1598

Philip II1527 – 1598, King of Spain, Portugal, Naples and Sicily of the House of Habsburg