When I was five my Father and Mother asked me what I wanted in Life and I said, "Happiness" My father said, "Wouldn't you like a Rolls Royce?" But I said, "No, Happiness will do.."

When I was Seven I had the experience of seeing some of my past lives.

When I was Fourteen I saw all my useless future life and at the end of it I saw myself dying and for three days I really knew I was going to die. I started doing Yoga every night without telling anyone.

When I was Twenty-one I had exactly the same experience of seeing my future and my death and I started reading Gurdjieff and Spiritual Books.

When I was 28 I read the words, "The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali" in the prospectus for a Yoga Teacher training Course. Just reading these words caused such a reaction in my being, that I knew I had to take the Course.

I completed the Course, I trained in Aikido, I started to Meditate every day and after a year of preparation I met Zen Master Hogen.

I met Swami Satchidananda a couple of years later.

At the age of 32 I became Enlightened.


I remember when I was with Zen Master Hogen doing Shikantaza, just sitting, in a Seshein in Oxford in 1986.

Previously I had been practising my meditation for a year and had got up to a daily sitting of thirty minutes.

Of course having been previously taught the Kundalini Kriyas and Alchemical VITRIOL - I had been practising Yoga every night from the age of fourteen.

Then I practised Pranayama and Agnisar Kriya from age twenty-one - which we teach in the Energy Enhancement Level Zero Course or Live in Iguazu.

Then I became a Yoga Teacher whilst working in Computers with Degrees in Physics, Electronics and Mathematics. 

I was using those techniques of the Kundalini Kriyas and Alchemical VITRIOL in my Shikantaza.

But I knew never to tell anyone what I was doing, even my Yoga and Pranayama from the age of Fourteen, because if you tell anyone what you are doing they will immediately oppose you and try to stop you doing it.

Spiritual practise is precious yet fragile.

"Keep it secret. Keep it safe!" - Gandalf, Lord of the Rings

During a week long Seshein in Oxford in 1986, "A time when we try harder" - a retreat week of eight hours per day of Zen practice (bowing, chanting, sitting and walking) and yoga, work and rest periods, and vegetarian meals eaten in traditional temple style.

The first Seshein I tried my legs hurt.

Hogen said the first time he tried Seshein, he had to crawl to the toilet.

But I needed to sleep less than the other Sesheiners because I was able to ground the clouds of negative karmic mass emanating from the meditation sitting practise.

This was the technique of Alchemical VITRIOL where we learn to ground negative energies and burn the ring in the fires of mount Orodruin, the fires of Mount Doom, where Frodo destroyed the One Ring.

Fire which can burn the deepest karma.

But fire can not burn or harm the essential you.

The psychic body of you.

And of course, burning negative energy creates piles of positive energy which enabled me during Seshein to sleep for only four hours where the rest could not sleep enough.

VITRIOL is a Latin acronym - Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultem Lapidem

Which describes a guided meditation of Tamil Siddar Bhogar's Kundalini Kriyas and the Five Elemental circulations of the Qi of the Taoist Meditational Orbits which we teach in the Energy Enhancement Level One Video Course or Live in Iguazu.

So I got the job of the knocker upper, to awaken the rest at 5am!

And to clean the toilets to dampen my ego!

We asked Hogen what time he slept. He said 1am.

We asked Hogen what time he awoke, he said 2am.

This is normal for those who can transmute negative energy in Samadhi and use it for the health of the body.

After the seshein my daily meditation practise went up to one hour morning and evening.

Every morning Hogen threw me out of bed.

I was cognisant. There was Hogen in Japan or Australia, and there was I born 6 miles from Durham Cathedral - voted the most beautiful Cathedral in Europe. Home to the Venerable Bede. Resting place for the bones of Saint Cuthbert.

Every morning I saw him psychically entering into my base chakra and cleaning it - every day before he told me to get out of bed and meditate.

He used to say, "Can you feel my breath blowing, even at 10,000 miles"

Yes, we all stand on the shoulders of giants!

The second Seshein I was able to maintain samadhi, bathed in the light above the head. Out of the body. Out of the pain of the body. For the whole week...

Bathing in the Light of the Soul...

Higher than the Soul - the brilliant white light like the flame of an oxy-acetylene torch, much higher than the soul.


In dokusan, talking to Zen Master Hogen where you get to meet him individually, an experience with truth, I told him of my experiences in meditation during the seshein..

First I saw myself as a baby in the pram in my first house in Spennymoor, 1 Park Parade. There I was in the pram and I came out of my body and travelled throughout the house from room to room.

And then in another experience I told Hogen I went high into the Antahkarana, in the chakras above the head. First I saw the first chakra above the head, my Soul. And there I was all my thousands of past lifetime hanging in space like a three dimensional array of spheres..

Then to check out my apprehension that these were all past lifetimes, I entered into one of the past lifetimes and saw I was a warrior, violent, gladiator, the arena.


And Hogen said, "We can spend three hundred years uselessly perusing these lifetimes"

I agreed and said this was what I knew internally - looking at all my mad egos and the stupidities I had entered into in all my past lifetimes. So I said that immediately I had gone higher into the light.

Higher into the Soul.

Past the Soul.

Higher and Higher into the Intense - a cannot tell you how intense! White Light of Sirius, the home of the Christ.

And Hogen was very pleased, and he consciously expanded his golden aura in happiness, in Samadhi.

I psychically saw his Golden Aura, so I bathed in his light of the Soul.

And Zen Master Hogen was happy, "See how he has grown" he said to my friend, Granville."

So, that is why I met, needed to meet, my Sat-Guru Tamil Siddar Swami Satchidananda.

Satchidananda radiated the Brilliant intense White Light of Sirius.

In Swami Satchidananda's Ashram in Virginia.

In the pressure of the Satchidananda Buddhafield.

I was able to go higher in my meditation and meet ancient sages of the past higher in the chakras above the head, "Unconditioned by time, He is the teacher of even the most ancient teachers."

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Book One, Sutra 24 Isvara is the supreme Purusha (The highest chakra above the head), unaffected by any afflictions, actions, fruits of actions or by any inner impressions of desires.

Isvara is the highest chakra above the head, the supreme purity. When we purify the ANTAHKARANA of all of its Energy Blockages we become aware of our connection to God. The standard Hindu sayings are.. "I Am that" and "You are that also" which we only realise in Illumination.

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Book One, Sutra 25 In Him is the complete manifestation of the seed of omniscience.

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Book One, Sutra 26 Unconditioned by time, He is the teacher of even the most ancient teachers.

"The "Prajna Paramita" from the Heart Sutra chanted by Zen Buddhists for hundreds of years, are the words of the Buddha about meditation where he says that, "All Sages and Saints for thousands of years Live from Prajna Paramita" or the Highest Wisdom chakras above the head.  Founded in the Earth the highest saints realise the higher chakras - the higher processors - above the head as they explore and clean the ANTAHKARANA. With more chakra processors working as parallel processors this ritambhara prajna is the result - And More!!

When you transcend the mind through proper concentration, you feel the Cosmic Force or God. It is higher than the intellect, as the energy descends it informs the Intellect; I call it, "Intelligent Energy". You can check your experience with the scriptures or through the word of sages and saints but it is known by you through your own experience. Until then all you have heard and read and visualized will be by your own mind. Experiencing God is something which is genuine and comes only when you transcend the mind. God cannot be understood by the mind because mind is matter and matter cannot possibly understand something more subtle than matter. " - Satchidanand Commentary on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

That is why you need to go higher than the mind, to fuse with the chakras above the head..