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Glamor - A World Problem - The Causes of Glamor
Many other factors will warrant careful attention. The problem of the individual is complicated by certain inherited tendencies of a family, national and racial nature. These powerfully affect the physical body in both its aspects, producing glamors of many kinds. It is also affected by certain inherited ideas which are the embodied thought-forms of family, national and racial approaches to truth. These produce powerful illusions to which the individual man easily succumbs. There are also the inflowing forces of the sign into which the sun may be passing, such as the conditions found in the world today, due to the fact that our sun is passing into a new sign of the zodiac. Therefore powerful and new energies are playing upon humanity, producing effects in all the three bodies. They are evoking glamors in the emotional nature and illusions in the mental nature. Those easily subject to glamor become at this time conscious of an emphasized duality. The subject, as you will therefore see, is vast, and this science of the psychological influences and the results of their impact upon the human mechanism is, as yet, in its infancy. I have, however, indicated enough to arouse interest and to start investigation in this new field of psychological activity.

To return to the consideration of the many glamors which are produced by and related to certain ray types:


  • The glamor of physical strength.
  • The glamor of personal magnetism. [121]
  • The glamor of self-centeredness and personal potency.
  • The glamor of "the one at the center."
  • The glamor of selfish personal ambition.
  • The glamor of rulership, of dictatorship and of wide control.
  • The glamor of the Messiah complex in the field of politics.
  • The glamor of selfish destiny, of the divine right of kings personally exacted.
  • The glamor of destruction.
  • The glamor of isolation, of aloneness, of aloofness.
  • The glamor of the superimposed will - upon others and upon groups.


  • The glamor of the love of being loved.
  • The glamor of popularity.
  • The glamor of personal wisdom.
  • The glamor of selfish responsibility.
  • The glamor of too complete an understanding, which negates right action.
  • The glamor of self-pity, a basic glamor of this ray.
  • The glamor of the Messiah complex, in the world of religion and world need.
  • The glamor of fear, based on undue sensitivity.
  • The glamor of self-sacrifice.
  • The glamor of selfish unselfishness.
  • The glamor of self-satisfaction.
  • The glamor of selfish service.


  • The glamor of being busy.
  • The glamor of cooperation with the Plan in an [122] individual and not a group way.
  • The glamor of active scheming.
  • The glamor of creative work - without true motive.
  • The glamor of good intentions, which are basically selfish.
  • The glamor of "the spider at the center."
  • The glamor of "God in the machine."
  • The glamor of devious and continuous manipulation.
  • The glamor of self-importance, from the standpoint of knowing, of efficiency.


  • The glamor of harmony, aiming at personal comfort and satisfaction.
  • The glamor of war.
  • The glamor of conflict, with the objective of imposing righteousness and peace.
  • The glamor of vague artistic perception.
  • The glamor of psychic perception instead of intuition.
  • The glamor of musical perception.
  • The glamor of the pairs of opposites, in the higher sense.


  • The glamor of materiality, or over-emphasis of form.
  • The glamor of the intellect.
  • The glamor of knowledge and of definition.
  • The glamor of assurance, based on a narrow point of view.
  • The glamor of the form which hides reality.
  • The glamor of organization.
  • The glamor of the outer, which hides the inner. [123]


  • The glamor of devotion.
  • The glamor of adherence to forms and persons.
  • The glamor of idealism.
  • The glamor of loyalties, of creeds.
  • The glamor of emotional response.
  • The glamor of sentimentality.
  • The glamor of interference.
  • The glamor of the lower pairs of opposites.
  • The glamor of World Saviors and Teachers.
  • The glamor of the narrow vision.
  • The glamor of fanaticism.


  • The glamor of magical work.
  • The glamor of the relation of the opposites.
  • The glamor of the subterranean powers.
  • The glamor of that which brings together.
  • The glamor of the physical body.
  • The glamor of the mysterious and the secret.
  • The glamor of sex magic.
  • The glamor of the emerging manifested forces.

I have here enumerated many glamorous. But their names are legion, and I have by no means covered the possibilities or the field of glamor.

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